What is the most important and loved place in one’s life? It is none other than home. It is said that owning a home is the most significant investment in one’s life. So, people look for the best home security system to keep both the house and the family safe. Therefore, we thought of bringing you the best home security systems of 2020 through research with some of its main facts. So, while not wasting any further time, allow us to see them.

ADT Home Security

ADT is one of the oldest home security suppliers in the world. The most critical profit the shoppers will gain is their dependableness. What else can you expect from a home security system? This is due primarily to their multiple monitoring centers located almost everywhere. Here the consumer is selecting from a pair of association kinds as telephone line and broadband. Excellent customer service is another comparative advantage that ADT has over others, and these factors make ADT home security one of the best in 2020.

Vivint Smart Home

This is a professionally installed system with a home automation platform. Even though this is comparatively higher than others, this offers some exclusive benefits to customers. The initial cost of the basic package is about $699, and the monthly fee is around $49.99. The customers are given the mobile app access to monitor on the go, and the doorbell camera feature is also one of the latest features the customers can enjoy using this.

Brinks Home Security

Brinks home security provides the opportunity for either professional or DIY installation to their customers. This also provides a 02-year warranty for customers, and it is ranked at the top in customer satisfaction level according to research done by world-famous J.D. Power company. This also provides the customer’s control systems from the mobile application, and there are many automated features included.

Link Interactive

The company was founded in 1952, and it has started to provide some latest automated security equipment to the market. The security system here gives you the opportunity for you to contact the monitoring stations from the home panel directly. Installing wireless equipment is another prominent feature in this system, and there is no start-up cost like in other security systems.

Nest Secure

Are you looking for home security systems with the latest features and low cost? Then this is the solution. This provides some of the newest security features comparatively at a lower price. Here the initial cost is about $399, and the monthly fee is around $24.99. The more stylish design is also one of the key features of this system.

Scout Alarm

Scout alarm provides the customer with the opportunity of creating his/her package. On the other, this gives a backup battery, too, in case of a power failure. This is regarded as one of the cheapest systems in terms of the monthly fee, as the monthly cost here is around $10. Here the customer is allowed to cancel the service at any time, and all these factors make Scout alarm one of the most flexible systems in the industry.


Do you want to get an offer? Here it is. Frontpoint provides a free doorbell camera for all its new customers. Researches also reveal that the customers use this system for an average of 07 years once installed. This is by far the most extended retention period of a single customer in this field. This is also famous among customers as one of the more user-friendly systems due to its simple programmed equipment.

Ring Alarm Security System

This uses some latest technological features to keep you safer. One of them is motion detection technology. It will detect even a window is opened. On the other hand, this provides all the monitoring at an exclusive monthly fee of only $10. So this is often another choice for those that hunt for budget choices.


Can we get all these home security features in one device? Yes, of course. Abode has converted all the security equipment like cameras, speakers, and siren into one device. You can monitor your mobile phone, and Abode also provides professional services for an extra $20 per month. This is famous among customers as one of the more accessible systems to monitor as all the functions are handled by one multifunctional device.

Protect America

Protect America does not charge any start-up fee from its customers. Their emergency response time is nearly 12 seconds, and it is one of the fastest in the market. This additionally provides the chance to regulate associated monitors through a mobile application. Also, the installation method is more one amongst the best within the market, taking about an hour.

So we have gone through the best home security systems in 2020 with some of the necessary information. Further to the above, it has been found that all these security systems provide remote monitoring assistance during this COVID 19 pandemic situation, and it proves that all its users are safe and can seek technical/any other service during emergencies too. So contemplate adding one among these in line with your demand as a home security system is an Associate in Nursing investment. it’s Associate in Nursing investment that you wreak your home and darling ones. Stay with us for more exciting facts like this.

A home security system is more of an investment than an expense.



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