Simply put .However, cryptocurrencies are generally USD, EUR, LKR as well as a single currency. This crypto currency can never be seen with the naked eye. This is because these currencies can only be viewed through a computer system. If we want to get this money into a bank account, we must convert it into Rupees or USD through a Crypto Currencies Exchange (Exchanger) service.
In other words, this is a digital currency nation. These have no fixed value, they are used to make transactions quickly and efficiently, and can be exchanged between two or more people. Therefore, these transactions are also known as peer to peer transactions (P2P). For these reasons, the types of coins we are going to talk about next are called Cryptocurrency

What are crypto Currencies?
Another trend that goes with this is the bitcoin concept. That too is a great market concept. Bitcoin is simply the rupee, the dollar, the pound, the euro and one other currency. As with other currencies, the value of Bitcoin is determined by supply and demand. Bitcoin was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.

So it is the same with those Crypto Currencies. We have no chance to see this bitcoin in practice in any way. This means that like credit / debit card money, we can deal with other currencies through a computer system. Money has no owner. Value is determined by the number of members used. If you want to convert this bitcoin to our currency, you must use a BTC exchanger. So it is very important to know because these two concepts go together. So you know that cryptocurrency and bitcoin are two things that can be talked about together. A lot of people just want to know these things about money. So this crypto currency is simply not like computer based trade marketing and currency exchange.

My simplest feeling is that crypto trading is the best long term and short term investment you can make for the future. Since the devil is in the IT field, give it a try .It's taken from a post on the net directly. As in forex trading, it is better to have a crypto buy than to look at a buy and sell order and lose an account. I do not know what forex trading is but I have read that it is better than one. You can wait even if you feel that the price will go up today or tomorrow .. No matter how much the price of the crypto we buy goes down, it will not end up in the account like in Forex.

So I would like to say that crypto trading is better than Forex. Do not think that there is no risk because the crypto we buy can sometimes be a scam or our account can be hacked. So cyber attacks are a very common thing nowadays. Therefore, there is a risk in crypto trading as well as other internet related businesses. In crypto trading, you can buy short term (short term) and long term (long term) crypto and make a profit. I will write about these in the future.

What should we consider when it comes to cryptocurrencies? There are many types of cryptocurrencies (Coins), so we do not take all the coin types. tips are Directly copied from: Internet)

1.Reason for issuing a coin and the environment associated with it (things like Project plans, Companies, Founders)

2.The place where there is a coin for the relevant one in the market 

3How many coins have been released and what is likely to happen 

4.How much coin is exchanged between people and how much demand and supply

5.there is Whether or not the relevant race of cryptocurrency trading platforms is traded

Now you do not have to worry about where to keep cryptocurrencies. Why on earth is this money? So we need a wallet together. There are various wallets and sites to keep cryptocurrency,. It is not good for the body to keep it like that everywhere. Currently there are some wallets and sites on the internet that I can recommend:

1. Coinbase– Can hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

2. Blockchain– Can Keep Bitcoin

3. Poloniex– There are several types of Coins and Cryptocurrency Trading

4.Bittrex– There are several types of Coins as well as Cryptocurrency Trading

There are many things that can be done with cryptocurrency… Mainly Bitcoin is now the world's leading currency exchange… That is, we have the facility to transfer money to different parts of the world in a very short period of time at no extra cost… Bitcoin is still available Not only that, but other coins in the near future will have the same opportunity.



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