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Siberian Husky History – Siberian Husky Welfare Association

Siberian Husky History – Siberian Husky Welfare Association
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The Siberian Husky was originally a sled dog for the semi-nomadic Chukchi people of northeastern Asia

The Chukchi needed to expand their hunting areas to breed a Siberian Husky that could travel long distances in the snow.

Although they are believed to have come from Spitz stock, Huskies were able to grow thick coats and work hard in packs. They were later brought to Alaska by fur traders, but they became more popular in dog racing in the early 20th century.

After the 1925 heroic “serum run,” when a team of sled dogs brought diphtheria antibiotics on a life-saving journey of a thousand miles across Alaska, the breed gained international fame. To commemorate this legendary journey, there is even a statue in Central Park.

Getting a Siberian Husky

It shouldn’t take long to find a Siberian Husky to call yours, given its popularity. You should seriously consider whether you can care for a Husky dog with the same energy and behavior.

If you cannot, you don’t want to have to surrender your dog to rescue centers. You can avoid becoming a victim of this scam by being familiar with the signs and symptoms of puppy mills. This will allow you to find responsible breeders and help you avoid paying for this abuse.

Siberian Husky Health

Siberian Huskies are generally a healthy breed. Huskies, as with all dogs, can be susceptible to health problems. These include hip dysplasia, eye diseases, and eye disease.

It is important to remember that Husky’s can maintain a healthy weight with less food than other dogs their size. Talk to your vet about the best amount to feed your Husky and avoid over-treating them.

Pro tip: Make sure you weigh the amount of food your Husky needs each day. You can then use some of that for training. A high-quality, protein-rich diet will help your Husky grow up strong and capable of pulling sleds. Pet owners often opt for pet insurance just in case.

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