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TextExpander will allow users to create shortcuts to speed up business communications and raise $ 41.4 million in TechCrunch, the first-ever funding.

TextExpander will allow users to create shortcuts to speed up business communications and raise $ 41.4 million in TechCrunch, the first-ever funding.

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Companies like RPA and UiPath worked a few years ago as a catchy way to help organizations automate and accelerate repetitive business activities, such as processing information on forms. Rushed into. today, TextExpander -This is another repetitive business life by allowing users to create customized shortcuts that trigger longer text-based actions such as topics, calendar events, emails, specific phrases about messages, etc. We have built a way to identify and fix similar gaps in communication, which is an aspect of CRM systems and many other environments-announced $ 41.4 million in funding to expand something else. : That business.

In addition to funding, the company has also appointed a new CEO, JD Marine, to take over from Philip Goward, who originally co-founded the company with Greg Skawn. TextExpander was born out of another developer platform they built called Smile-the way they first encountered in Macworld and the way they led them to build for iOS after the first launch of the clone threat. You can read more about its early history with an interesting nod to Mac, here -And both remain on the board and continue to be involved in the development side.

Summit Partners is leading this round. This is important in that TextExpander is the first to raise funds since its first launch in 2007.

As a bootstrapped (and profitable) startup, TextExpander has about 100,000 today Monthly active users performed about 560 million ?expansions? using the platform last year. Basically, use text snippets and keyboard shortcuts created by your organization or individual to trigger longer text passages. This is useful if the company wants to maintain it. Consistent messaging. Or if you want people to use the wording that was successful in the past (for example, in sales or customer service), or if you just want to speed up the work of someone who goes through an iterative process.

The current plan is to use the funds to build a completely new product around these existing businesses. These include tools to help you propose and build new snippets, analysis to determine which snippets are the most popular and which will lead to the desired results, and to use these snippets in a wide range of use cases. Includes more ways. (For example, there are APIs currently available, but they don?t necessarily feed to chatbots and other services that use natural language, and TextExpander doesn?t work beyond text, so it?s a service for audio-based interactions. May build.)

TextExpander?s traction, and now investor attention, is at a crucial moment in the world of work productivity. This is successful depending on how you touch on some important themes.

The first of these is automation, and you?ll find a variety of tools. Some are based on the features provided by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Some are simply built around more sophisticated scripting and API usage to improve interactivity and information exchange between different databases and applications. Some combinations of both of these-created and implemented to allow humans to perform very digital and informative tasks more quickly, especially if they are repeating similar tasks.

The other is the rise of low-code and no-code tools. This is a way to enable workers to build solutions to their own software challenges in specific situations, rather than empowering developers and other engineers to solve resources and problems. For them.

TextExpander is working in areas where both of these are working. The platform was originally designed to allow non-technical individuals to create their own shortcuts and hacks, but has since been extended to build a way for teams to access shortcut repositories. , It maintained much of its non-technical spirit.

However, while there is a strong impetus for speeding up and automating some tasks, Mullin in the interview was for the purposes of RPA or what he called an ?agent assistant? (chatbot for customers). I made a clear distinction between its purposes. Or you?re there to help customer service agents and sales reps get their jobs done more efficiently. TextExpander may incorporate a more sophisticated process, but he said it basically acts as a helper rather than a substitute for real people.

?We consider ourselves a superpower for our users,? he said.

He didn?t comment on whether TextExpander considered an acquisition instead of investing to grow its business, but to expand customer contact, tools like these on their own platform. You can imagine many large technology companies that may be incorporating it. It could include not only RPA companies, but also customer service and CRM giants.

So far, some of the investment seems to be aimed at helping TextExpander work with these giants, but it?s feature-based. For example, there are efforts to extend integrations with Salesforce and others to build better repositories of ?trusted sources? as well as further use cases to which TextExpander may apply.

Mullin was basically carefully selected by a new Investor in TextExpander for this role and building a business. Prior to joining the startup, he was Summit?s Executive in Residence, where he set up a company and sold it to Intuit before moving there.

?We have been working closely with JD for years. As a leader and operator, he offers a rare combination of product vision, technical expertise, and business insights to the TextExpander team from this perspective. ?I?m excited to bring you,? said Colin Mistele, MD of Summit Partners, in a statement. ?When organizations are looking for ways to empower their employees by automating day-to-day operations and communications, TextExpander is simple yet powerful, designed to meet the needs of individuals, teams and businesses. We believe it stands out with a full-featured solution. ?