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Google Tests AR Glasses Prototype in Public Space-TechCrunch

Google Tests AR Glasses Prototype in Public Space-TechCrunch

Admin | Post Wednesday, 20 July 2022 - 11:42 AM | 88

from Project Ara To wave, Google has a rich history of relying on good ideas when things get tougher.But unlike those forgotten experiments, augmented reality glasses are clearly not destined to rest in Google?s metaphor. Cemetery..

Instead, the advertising company The spiritual successor to Glass Return to the wild. After teasing smart glasses in May, Google said it Advance Use ?small? and ?limited? public tests conducted by employees and ?selecting trusted testers?.

AR Product Manager Juston Payne said in a statement that glasses with cameras, microphones and in-lens displays help translate text and navigate users, but ?there are strict limits.? I am. Importantly, ?The prototype does not support photography or video shooting, but the image data is used to enable experiences such as translating the menu in front of you and showing directions to a nearby coffee shop. ?Pain added.

Google too Said We do not test at government offices, hospitals, schools, etc. In other words, if you happen to see a new AR prototype while you?re on the go, Google wants you to know that it (on the surface) burns privacy into your product.

It?s a shift from Glass around 2012Debuted at Over the top skydiving stunts And I was able to subtly record the surroundings of the user.This time, Google seems to rather avoid it Miniculture war Face camera in the San Francisco Bay Area.

?As We continue to explore and learn what is possible with AR. We look forward to sharing more, ?Payne wrote. We do not provide details about hardware, pricing, or widespread release possibilities.

AR glasses are not caught like Evangelist As expected, many companies are trying to make them happen anyway. Niantic When Snapchat Both talked about a pair of smart glasses that weren?t released last year, and Apple AR headset at work..However, the owner of Facebook, Meta, Walk back Obviously, we plan to release the AR specification widely as a cost reduction measure.