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Amazon sues Facebook group admin for fake reviews

Amazon sues Facebook group admin for fake reviews

Admin | Post Tuesday, 19 July 2022 - 12:03 PM | 78

If the last fully needed and extra reviews you bought on Amazon looked like so many copypasta, there?s a good reason: there are lots of fake reviews and people are rewarded for posting them. I?m getting it.

Amazon filed a lawsuit on Monday against the administrator of more than 10,000 Facebook groups adjusting cash or merchandise for buyers who are willing to post fake product reviews. The Global Group was recruiting potential reviewers and operated at Amazon?s online storefronts in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Japan and Italy.

If 10,000 Facebook groups seem to be high, it?s clearly the total number of groups Amazon has reported to Facebook since 2020. The company states that past legal action has been effective and has ?shut down several major review brokers.? that is.They have been suing people for something like this ever since Until 2015..

The company has named one group ?Amazon Product Review.? It boasted more than 40,000 members until Facebook removed it in early 2022. Destroy it.

Amazon leveraged the discovery process to ?identify malicious individuals and was commissioned by Amazon?s advanced technology, expert investigators, and these scammers who have not yet been detected by continuous surveillance. Remove fake reviews. ?

Monitoring can be ongoing, but it?s clear that thousands of fraudulent reviews are pushing products across the large digital storefronts of online retailers around the world.When Regulators are paying attention -Something that must light a little fire under everyone?s favorite online shopping monolith.

For years, Amazon has been plagued by reviews that artificially enhance product ratings. A Washington post A 2018 survey found that apparently fake reviews dominate some product categories such as Bluetooth headphones and dietary supplements.

At that time, Post found a thriving cottage industry selling fake reviews on Facebook. According to the post, sellers are asking Amazon shoppers on Facebook to ?provide enthusiastic feedback in exchange for money and other rewards on dozens of networks, including the Amazon Review Club and Amazon Reviewers Group.?

Amazon acknowledged the scope of the problem Last year?s blog post.. ?The detection of fake reviews and the ongoing improvement in the relationship between malicious users? buying and selling accounts has led to fake reviews by malicious users outside of Amazon, especially through social media services. There is a growing tendency to solicit people, ?the company wrote.

Amazon said it reported more than 1,000 review sales groups to its social media platform in the first quarter of 2021. This is three times that of the same period last year. It?s not clear if it?s a sign of the prevalence of fake reviews, or if online retailers take this issue more seriously, but the company has taken those groups when social media companies violated platform rules. He was keen to blame the slow execution.

After all, fake reviews aren?t the worst kind of misleading content that Internet companies have failed to eradicate.But those people that is Another example of how, if you are huge enough Cash print (Also Cash burning) Internet machines, system problems can get out of control while you bow down and raise the line. And from time to time, those problems inspire all sorts of bad and strange things. In this case: a small industry paying to make a bad product look good-and once it all works, it?s hard to break the mess created by big-money machines.