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Amazon Acquires Primary Care Technology Provider One Medical for $ 3.9 Billion-TechCrunch

Amazon Acquires Primary Care Technology Provider One Medical for $ 3.9 Billion-TechCrunch

Admin | Post Thursday, 21 July 2022 - 09:48 PM | 129

Amazon?s interest in healthcare and being a major player in the industry are taking a big step today.The company is just publication I?m going to buy One MedicalA primary care provider that leverages face-to-face, digital, and virtual interactions in services.One Medical Published In 2020, Amazon announced that it would pay the company $ 18 per share to achieve a corporate value of $ 3.9 billion.

?We believe that healthcare is at the top of the list of experiences that require reinvention. Reservation appointments, waiting for weeks or months of consultation, taking holidays, driving to the clinic Searching for a parking lot, waiting in the waiting room, and often rushing to the doctor?s office for a few minutes, then return to the pharmacy to improve the quality of the experience and give people valuable time. There are plenty of opportunities to get it back, ?said Neil Lindsay, SVP of Amazon Health Services, in a statement. ?We love inventing simple things to make them easier, and we want to be one of the companies that will help us dramatically improve our medical experience in the coming years. One Medical With a human-centric, technology-driven approach to healthcare, we believe that more people can get better care when and how they need it. We look forward to fulfilling our long-term mission. I am doing it. ?

?The opportunity to transform healthcare and improve outcomes by combining One Medical?s human-centric models and teams of excellence with Amazon?s customer attachment, invention history, and long-term investment aspirations is enormous. It?s exciting, ?added Amir. One Medical CEO, Dan Rubin. ?There is a great opportunity for patients, healthcare providers and payers to make their healthcare experience more accessible, affordable and even more enjoyable. Innovate and expand access to quality healthcare services. I?m looking forward to it together. ?

The company is working on both a direct consumer model and selling services through companies with employee health insurance. Currently, there are over 8,000 organizations as B2B2C clients.

Was the company Supported by Google There were ups and downs during the startup phase.we Wrote about In 2021, a data breach occurred in the company, leaking the email addresses of hundreds of customers.

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