American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

There are lots of things that you may fall in love with an American Eskimo Dog. The intelligence, affection, and fluffy white coat will be quite enough to do that completely.
American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

The American Eskimo Dog is a breed of companion dog that has an origin from Germany. Although you may be easily misled by its white coat to be a miniature husky, it is not. American Eskimo Dogs are a speared breed from husky not in one but many differences.

Coming along with three sizes, increased playfulness, miniature look, and lots of things are in the sack of American Eskimo Dogs to become a family dog. This article will explain more things regarding its matching to be your loyal pet.

History Of American Eskimo Dog
American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

American Eskimo Dog has been bred by German Immigrants. Although there is an Eskimo part, Eskimos don’t have to do anything about that.

Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio are the homelands for American Eskimo dogs where the German settlers used to do their farming. The settlers had the first name German Spitz breed, which then changed due to World War I.

The American Eskimo name was chosen to remember an Ohio Breeding Kennel with the same name.

Size Of American Eskimo Dog
American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

There are three height variations for the American Eskimo Dogs, toy, miniature, and standard types.

The smallest one with a maximum height of 12inches is known as the toy American Eskimo Dog. It doesn’t weigh more than 10 pounds after maturing. When it comes to the miniature American Eskimo Dog, it grows up to 15 inches along with a maximized 20-pound weight.

The standard American Eskimo Dog type has a 19-inch height along with 35 pounds in maximized weight.

Color Of The Coat
American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

The white and glossy coat is a thicker and longer one when compared with the body size. The white color is a constant to the coat, and the length will remain the same for each American Eskimo Dog type.

The thickness of the fur coat is higher around the neck region than in other places as well.

The pure American Eskimo Dog breed has a white pearl coating. When it comes to some inbred American Eskimo Dog breeds, they may have the creamy color coat. However, the color of the eye, nose and snout will remain black all the time.

The Life Expectation
American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

Usually, an American Eskimo Dog lives up to 15 years. The life expectancy doesn’t change according too the type of the American Eskimo Dog.

But, tock problems, special diseases conditions, breed purity-like factors affect the age expectancy of the dog.

American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

If you are already in love with the American Eskimo Dog, that will be it. It has got a high affection. As you might have seen on Social Media, they are not friendly at all.

But, if you are a patient American Eskimo Dog owner, you will see it as a part of the affection. But, they will not be friendly with your kids either, which makes it a setback.

Higher Energy Level
American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

American Eskimo Dogs have got a high energy level which makes them hyperactive while playing. As a matter of that, they are going to need more exercise than a regular dog.

If you don’t provide enough exercise to the dog, severe illnesses will arise. Since they don’t mind sticking you with at all, you may overcome exercising matter by letting it have few toys.

American Eskimo Dogs are intelligent creatures. Since they are active, you will be able to train and get full use of the dog.

Shedding Is Not A Big Deal
American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

Shedding is not going to be a big matter. Since their hair has spread erected, the shedding will not be required to overcome the heat. It means you will not have to groom your dog so often. Since they don’t want you to do that, you may be relieved too.

But, if you want to keep it affectionate, grooming will have to be conducted in regular intervals.

The health of American Eskimo Dog
American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

American Eskimo Dogs are famous for gaining weight pretty easily. Due to the genetic issues, they have influences of getting diseases related to joints.

Although dwarf and miniature breeds have these kinds of issues pretty easily, American Eskimo Dogs are trendier for them. Therefore, you have to take care of the nutrition not to be a weight one.

Following Diseases will have to be your main concern after having an American Eskimo Dog
American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Diseases
  • Luxating patella

If you provide proper training for these pets, you will be able to not only reduce these diseases but enjoy a good relationship with your fur pal.

More Amazing Thing That You Wouldn’t Mind Knowing
American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

They Were Herders And Hunters

Germans had been using American Eskimo Dog in their farms as herding and a hunting dog. Since they are intelligent, they could perform amazing duties for humans.

Although the breeding was not performed to get special American Eskimo Dog breeds for sledding purposes, they are string for those kinds of tasks as a group.

They Even Performed In Circuses
American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

Since American Eskimo Dogs are intelligent and can be trained well, they had performed in few circuses. As affectionate dog creatures, they could get the attention of the audience who enjoyed traveling circuses in the 19th century.

The glossy white coat was a valuable addition to this talent as well.

They Have An Amazing Balance Skill That Can Even Walk On A Tight Rope

American Eskimo Dog, The Complete Guide

American Eskimo Dog was the first dog breed in the world that could perform the tight ripe trick. Their intelligence is not just for following orders but performing special tricks that other skills involved.

The balance is one of those skills that only American Eskimo Dogs can perform after proper training.

Although They Are Creamy, They Are Not Entirely Cream

As you already know, American Eskimo Dogs come in two colors, white and creamy. What makes them look creamy is not having entirely creamy hair but creamy edges.
How To Breed A Husky Puppy In A Warm Area, And More Things You Should Know

If you are interested in having an American Eskimo Dog with a white pearl coating, all you have to do is to cut the edges of the fur coat. The more time pass, the creamy color will come more.


This guide might have helped you already to decide whether you may choose an American Eskimo Dog or not.

If you are not bothered about having a pet only in white color, with a small-sized body, grooming, being less friendly, and frequent barking, American Eskimo Dog will be a great choice.

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